Care Instructions

Instructions For Your Leather Care Leather is natural product and our USA Leather Jackets Store manufacturing  the real  and pure  leather fabric and has brass hardware  so these jackets and other leather accessories should be handled with some  care. All these Leather care instructions are valuable  for everyone, if you follow the instruction just then you could utilize your leather accessories for long time  please understand all following leather care instructions
  • The leather jackets and coats have stones, buttons and other precious metal hardware’s so these products should be washed by hands
  • The machine dryer can be harmful for these leather garments, you must hang the jacket by using ropes. Manual drying is best.
  • For drying: Should avoid from direct sun light
  • Low level sun bream is best for drying
  • The dryer or hot air is also not good for drying the jackets and coats
  • Don’t try to wash too long, it will not good for the  leather and for also fabric
  • You can also dry clean the jackets
  • After washing or cleaning leather with normal water or leather cleaner ,use leather conditioner to restore moisture and leather softness ,it will get new look to your leather
  • For pressing: the iron should not be too hot, it will damage your leather wear.
  • Don’t wash your leather accessories daily
  • Usually clean your leather accessories with soft or damp cloth
  • Put your leather accessories cold or in dry place when you don’t use
  • Keep you leather away from harmful chemical ,it could damage you leather
  • Leather is susceptible to absorbing grease and oil ,so put these things far from leather accessories in any case if your leather get grimy or dirty ,you may need to use a leather cleaner or leather soap to get your leather dirt out ,after this process don’t forget to apply leather condition
  • Remove fresh stains, grime or dirt as soon as possible with a moist soft cloth