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How to Tell If a Leather Jacket is Real and Genuine?

Men Leather Jackets | Just because a jacket is labelled as leather in your neighborhood store does not mean it is actually made from leather. Some retailers provide faux leather jackets, shirts, trousers, and accessories. Synthetic materials that mimic the appearance of leather are used to make this material, which is also known as “fake leather. Just how can one check the authenticity of leather?

Examination of Moisture Content

One of the simplest ways to verify the authenticity of leather is to use water. The ability of the leather to absorb or resist a drop of water is measured using the moisture test. If the leather is real, it will soak up the drop of water. Leather, like wood, contains many small pores that are completely imperceptible to the naked eye but which, depending on the conditions, may absorb or expel moisture.

Whenever it comes into direct contact with water, the moisture will be absorbed through these pores. If the leather is real, the water will quickly soak through it. If the leather is fake, the water drop will slide off since it is rejected. The moisture test may be done with just one drop of water. Genuine leather can be damaged by excessive moisture. However, unlike real leather, fake leather often does not absorb moisture but rather, it repels it.

Contact and sensation

Authentic, high-grade leather always has a slight fuzzy, silky aspect to it. When comparing actual versus synthetic fabrics, it is easiest to do it at reputable clothing stores, which have a wide variety of both. Smoothness and plastic-like quality are telltale signs of a fake.

Make sure the texturing is correct

Faux leather’s bumpy texture is a result of its synthetic chemistry and mechanical manufacturing processes. However, genuine leather has a one-of-a-kind texture pattern due to the inherent variations inside each hide. Since leather is made from natural materials, it will naturally have a patented, flecked appearance over time. Be sure to double check the pattern before using it. In a word, it makes you look better.

Take a deep whiff of that leathery scent

Smelling the leather might be a good way to identify it. Natural and organic aromas permeate genuine leather, whereas synthetic leather has a chemical or plastic-y odor. Most people choose genuine leather because of its appealing smell and addictive quality.

Like conventional apparel, leather jackets and other leather goods usually come with a label explaining how to properly care for the item. Instructions for cleaning and maintaining the garment are typically located on a label sewn into the item’s collar, generally at the back. The fabric content and other components used in the garment should also be listed on the label. Whether the leather is authentic or faux, this information should be included on the care label.

Search the Top Layer for “Grain”

One of the ways to tell if leather is real or fake is by looking at the grain. Real leather has a surface grain pattern that is slightly random and uneven in appearance. However, the grain of fake leather is often perfectly even and symmetrical. Look closely at the leather’s surface to determine if the grain is real or artificial.

Genuine leather will have a natural grain pattern, whereas fake leather will have a grain that was created intentionally. Be on the lookout for faults, as some faux leathers are really convincing in their attempts to imitate the look of real grain. In contrast to synthetic leather, real leather contains imperfections that occur naturally over time.

Modify It

Neither of those things is a typo. You can tell the difference between real and phone leather by twisting it. You should see whether you can manipulate the leather by bending it in your hands. The genuine article will naturally age and develop folds and color shifts. If it is false, the chemical process that altered the color will also alter the texture, making it harder and sharper.


You should now be able to tell the difference between real and fake leather. It’s frustrating to spend money on a new leather jacket or accessory just to find out it’s made from fake leather. In order to eliminate this bothersome issue, try using the aforementioned testing procedures.

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