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How to Make Faux Leather Bow
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In this article, we discuss How to make faux leather bows? Hairbows are the symbol of power, confidence, and believing-ness. You can quickly make these cute (little and big) leather bows at home. Hair bows are the perfect accessory.

What do you need to make those pretty leather bows?

You will have to make several trips to get such beautiful hair accessories.

  • Leather is the favorite to make hair bows, though you can also make bows with a cloth. Leather thick strips are the favorite for these bows as they are broader and more durable than standard leather strips and look quite good.
  • Hair accessories – Barrettes and French clips, tic tac clips (snap clips), alligator clips, bobby pins, comb clips, butterfly clips, fabric, plastic /metal hairbands, thin slides, hair pins, and hair ties and scrunchies to attach the hair bows.
  • Glue – robust and fast-drying glue – instant glue is better but be careful with the hands.
  • Sewing needle and thread in matching colors
  • Other odds and ends to embellish the bows like buttons, sequins, beads, rhinestones, etc

Making faux leather bows for the girls has become a new favorite thing. Whether cutting them by hand or with your Silhouette, they’re an easy project, and designs are endless.The Candy Corn Hair Bow: The bottom has black and white stripes, and the top is faux corn leather.For the smaller bow: For the faux leather, You should use orange and black polka dots and a Halloween print.


  • Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker
  • Hair Bow Templates images
  • Material (faux leather, glitter canvas, thin leather, pattern canvas, felt, foam sheets, card stock, etc.)
  • glue gun & glue sticks
  • hair bow clips
  • scissors

Cut the pieces for the bow

  1. Cut the faux leather with scissors or a Circuit cutting machine to cut the fake leather pieces for the bow.
  2. Glue pieces together.
  3. Glue the bow pieces together using a hot glue gun. To see where to glue and attach pieces.
  4. Attach the bow to a clip or headband or use it as a beautification.
  5. There are so many ways to use these bows! Attach a hook, use it as varnishing on a larger craft, attach it to a headband or come up with your unique idea! Pretty bows on different clips.
  6. Next, lift the material off the mat. If some pieces are still attached or if you have strayed, use scissors to cut them off.
  7. Tips: Cut thick textured faux leather face down. (See image for reference). Pieces that are still attached should pop out when you tug on them.
  8. For the pink bow with the heart.
  9. As many of you know, you can use a heat press, but to show how easy it is, I applied it using a home iron on the highest heat setting with no steam.

Assembling your Hair Bows by hand

Assembling your hair bows is very easy. Save the bottom piece for last and work on putting together your bows. Follow the directions that came with your bow template. Not all templates have instructions, so you might have to wing it. For most of the bows, glue the ends to the middle of the pattern. Pattern side up. Pinch for a few seconds and go on to the next part. You’ll want to glue all the pieces together, wrap the middle piece around and glue, and then glue your alligator clip.

Cutting with your Cameo 3

To cut with your Silhouette Cameo 3, you’ll want to make sure you purchase files that come with dxf or SVG files. Download the file. Open your Silhouette software and load the template. To do this click File > Open > File Name. Once your file is loaded, you can resize the bow if you want or get straight to cutting. You’ll want to figure out your pattern order. Are you using 2 or 3 different fabric patterns or just 1? If you’re using 2+, you’ll need to figure out which pieces will be on what fabric or leather and cut accordingly.

To cut, you’ll want to place your fabric or leather pattern side down. Make sure to stretch it as you’re laying it over the map. The leather materials stick to the mat just fine, and you can cut it as is, but with fabric, I need to tape it around the edges because it can slide if you’re worried about your material—sliding tape around the edges with masking tape.Load your cutting mat into your cameo and go to the send menu. Make sure to do a test cut before cutting out your complete design. Change your settings to fit your material and hit send. Repeat till the end of all pieces.

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Can You Make your faux leather bows?

You can make Many cute faux leather bows with the help of the machine or a hand cutter to create different designs.

How do you cut faux leather hair bows with Star wheels?

If you want to cut your material with a star wheel, then remember that you will use this on material face down to avoid material waste or damage. Assemble the hair bows with glue.

What can you do with faux leather?

You can make Many cute faux leather bows with the help of a machine or a hand cutter to create different designs.


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